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The Gender and Water Alliance was created at the Second World Water Forum in the Hague (March, 2000) to mainstream gender in water management worldwide and to promote equitable access to safe and adequate water. It is a global network of organisations and individuals working in the water sector and in gender mainstreaming, working towards incorporation of gender considerations in water policies and practices at all levels.

The mission of GWA is to promote women's and men's equitable access to and management of safe and adequate water, for domestic supply, sanitation, food security and environmental sustainability. The provision of sustainable water and sanitation services that incorporate an integrated water resources management approach requires a special emphasis and focus on gender, social justice and human rights. GWA believes that equitable access to and control over water is a basic right for all, as well as a critical factor in promoting poverty eradication and sustainability.

The members of the GWA are its greatest asset, as GWA strives to reach its goals through its membership. From its modest beginnings, the GWA has grown to a membership of more than 2100 members in over 120 countries at the end of 2011. More than 80 per cent of its members come from countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. About 40 per cent of its members are men, and 60 per cent are women.

The members have a wide range of capacities and expertise across all water sectors and represent different stakeholder groups including government, grassroots organisations, NGOs, universities and research institutes, international agencies and individual consultants. GWA asks its members to mainstream gender in water management in their own organisations and at national level in their countries, as well as invites them to execute the activities of the strategic plan of GWA. Therefore GWA strives for a worldwide representation in its membership of both men and women, individuals and organisations.

GWA is registered as an Association under Dutch law and is managed by an independent Steering Committee that is elected by the membership every three years. The Secretariat of the GWA is located in Dieren, the Netherlands. For more information on the Gender and Water Alliance or for joining as a member, please refer to the website or the documents included in this e-book.