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Resources e-Book on Gender, Water and Sanitation for Cambodia, Lao PDR, Nepal and Vietnam
Resources e-Book on Gender, Water and Sanitation
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Glimpses of a Global Collaboration between
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Country Interventions
On going Activities
  • ADB provided loan assistance of US$ 181 million to the Government of Madhya Pradesh for an Urban Water Supply and Environmental Improvement (UWSEI) project (presently renamed as Project Uday) for a period of five years (2005-10).
On going Activities
Pro-Poor Urban WATSAN Governance
  • Establishment of local policies on pro-poor water tariff structures, piped water connections and private toilet installations for peri-urban communities in Kathmandu Valley and Bharatpur Municipality.
PR China
On going Activities
  • Supporting Nanjing Qinhuai River Environmental Improvement Project;

On going Activities
  • UN-HABITAT is complementing ADB on Northern Central Region Water Sanitation Supply Project (NRWSSSP) by supporting the capacity building component. UN-HABITAT has also been developing detailed GIS maps, conducting IPSA, forming community WATSAN groups and socio-economic analyses of towns.
On going Activities
  • Capacity building support by UN-HABITAT in five towns which addresses rapid situation assessment; community based water supply and sanitation services to the urban poor; policy support and capacity building; and monitoring and evaluation, under the ADB project on “Central Regions Small and Medium Towns Development”.
On going Activities
  • Country support strategy focuses on activities that complement ADB investments.
On going Activities
  • Project Preparatory Technical Assistance (PPTA) by ADB for water and sanitation project in 2006 for small and medium sized towns.

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